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E-Shredder™ by Aux Tools

E-Shredder™ by Aux Tools

E-Shredder™ by Aux Tools


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Product Details

The first of it’s kind, our E-Shredder is small and discreet and takes only 3 seconds
to shred your favorite flower or herbs into the perfect portion. You can control the consistency of your product to be as course or as fine as you like. Shred your herb for
10 or more seconds and you're left with a fine powdery kief. Looking for more? The
E-Shredder can grind bulk quantities of flower in minutes. The sleek portable design 
and odor-proof bag make it easy to carry with you wherever you go.


  • USB Charger (no wall plug in needed)
  • Battery Life Light Gauge
  • 100 grinds per battery life
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Made In USA
  • One-Year Warranty*


1. Unscrew cap and load flower/ tea/ spices/ tobacco into clear chamber.
2. Push button once and hold. Shredder moves in one direction, light turns on. Release button to stop Shredder, lights turn off.

For Extra Sticky Product

  • Push button twice and hold. Shredder moves back and forth, light comes on.
  • Release button to stop Shredder, light turns off.
  • Push button once for light. Push again to turn off. 

Our One-Year Warranty will cover a replacement unit in the case a purchased unit fails to function, fails to hold a charge or fails to perform its function under normal wear & tear from time of purchase or mail delivery of unit.