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Auxtools provides and end-to-end solution for high-volume/high-quality pre-roll producers for one customized monthly fee.
Platinum Plan - includes:
  • High-Volume Electric Shredder (our version of a grinder) except our device pulls apart material at it's weakest link instead of cutting material, so stems/seeds are separated and Not ground up into the flower.
  • High-Volume Pre-Roll Filling Machine - 3 second fill per pre-roll
  • High-Quality Pre-Roll Papers - Finest Quality French Papers
Gold Plan - includes
    • High-Volume Pre-Roll Filling Machine  - 3 Second fill per pre-roll
    • High-Quality Pre-Roll Papers Finest Quality French Papers
    Benefits of Auxtools Rolling & Shredding System:
    • Save 75%+ on Labor Costs (3-second rolls)
    • Professional Quality ready-to-smoke pre-rolls
    • Pay as you Roll/Go, no large upfront costs
    • Scalable: whether u need 3,000/month or 3,000,000 pre-rolls to sell.
    • Portable desktop tools- only 12" squared surface area needed.
    • Low-to-no Maintenance
    • No Cost to have out-of-service machines replaced

    To learn more about Auxtools' High-Volume Pre-Roll Plans, please call us at 720-256-1889 or fill out Inquiry Form below and we will follow up with you.