Finest French Papers  with Easy Draw

Finest French Papers
with Easy Draw

Dispensary Branding Available
Allows for several different weight sizes.

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Electric, Portable, Adjustable Granularity.

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Innovation That  Fuels Creativity

Innovation That
Fuels Creativity

Easy to Carry.

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Auxtools Shredding (grinder) Technology

Based on the same patented technology as its smaller cousin (E-Shredder) the C-Shredder meets the demands High-Volume pre-roll firms. The unique process of "shredding" tears the flower apart at its weakest link, rather than haphazardly cutting like traditional grinders. This preserves more of the natural components, potency and flavors, allowing for greater taste and less waste. It also naturally separates (without cutting) seeds & stems See E-Shredder video ----->>.

Hi-Quality Pre-Roll Papers

Auxtools sells only Hi-Quality straight pre-roll papers, that allow easy draw, and can be custom branded. Combined/bundled with our C-Roller and C-Shredder a High-Volume users can reduce costs by 75%. We can also custom brand tips. For individuals we also sell pre-rolls with a box (3-Pack, 10-Pack, 20-Pack)
Hi-Quality Pre-Roll Papers
Zero Prep Work
Shred your tobacco, tea or spice in under three seconds, without having to remove seeds and stems in advance.
Controlled Consistency
Press for three seconds to achieve perfectly shredded, roll-ready tobacco.
Quality Guaranteed
100% BPA-free material sourced and manufactured in the USA. All products are covered under our Limited Warranty.